Patagonia To Help  

Hawaii's Go Solar

Environmentally conscious retailer Patagonia has announced a USD $13 million tax equity investment in solar energy for Hawai‘i that will see the installation of more than 1,000 rooftop solar power systems.

A partnership with solar finance company Kina‘ole Capital Partners, the fund will total $27 million and utilise state and federal tax credits to funnel Patagonia’s tax dollars into the clean energy project.

“This is smart business for Patagonia and good news for homeowners in Hawai‘i, who pay way too much for dirty electricity,” said Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario. “I hope other companies see how this strategy can bring strong returns and think seriously about doing the same thing. Business is in a unique position to accelerate the creation of renewable energy infrastructure.” MORE


US Solar School Census Report Published

More than 3,700 solar power systems are installed at public and private K-12 schools in the USA according to a report from The Solar Foundation.

Nearly 2.7 million students are attending schools gaining some of their electricity by harvesting the power of the sun.

The report states electricity generated in one year by all 3,727 PV systems represents a combined value of USD $77.8 million per year and averages $21,000 a year per school.

Nearly half of the systems currently installed are larger than 50 kilowatts capacity and 55 schools have systems larger than 1 megawatt.

While the uptake is impressive, it’s still a drop in the educational institution ocean in the USA. MORE


Audubon Society of RI
Names Arpin Sustainable Business of The Year

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island, founded in 1897, is one of the country's oldest nature and wildlife non-profit organizations that focuses on preservation. With 17,000 members and supporters, the Audubon Society of Rhode Island is dedicated to education, land conservation, and advocacy.

On October 19, at their annual meeting that took place in Providence, the  Audubon Society of Rhode Island took some time to recognize the outstanding achievements of a number of individuals and organizations for their efforts and their achievements. One person and company that was recognized was ReNewable Now's very own Peter Arpin, and the Arpin Group, as the "2014 Audubon Society of Rhode Island Sustainable Company of The Year." This award recognizes everything Arpin has been doing when it comes to sustainability, from creating a positive work environment, their community outreach, to education and investment when it comes to sustainability. The totality of Arpin's efforts were reflected by Eugenia Marks, Senior Director of Policy, who said, "So how many ways could you count that a moving company could be an environmental leader?" Eugenia went on to describe the many initiatives and really help to reinforce the importance of corporate social responsibility. MORE

We Love LA Sustainability!

 As Randy Newman likes to say, "I Love LA." Well ReNewable Now likes to say "We Love LA Sustainability!" It might not become a hit song, but it is sure a big hit for the environment, and for all around better living.  

We spent an entire week in Los Angeles and over the next month we will be releasing featured stories, videos, and radio programs that will showcase what this great city, its people, and businesses are doing when it comes to growing their sustainability.  MORE


Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger

The USA’s Envision Solar has developed a relocatable solar powered electric car charging station that can be deployed in minutes.

Designed to fit comfortably inside a standard parking space, its 2.3kW solar panel array generates approximately 16kWhrs per day and features 22kWhr battery storage.



"A Writer's View of a Changing World""

What a great job...traveling around, visiting historic and emerging places, meeting leaders of types, asking questions and getting paid for your thoughts.  Sounds like our job...

But, in this case, along with co-host, Jim Murphy, we turned the tables on talented freelance journalist, Josh Marks, and asked him questions about his writing resume, web site, many environmental and sports blogs and got his insight into the world of sustainability.

Josh is a fascinating young guy.  He travels easily (mostly using Mass Transit), has lived on both coasts of the US, and has written reams of great stories.  We encourage you, after meeting this accomplished scribe, to visit his site, blogs and follow his many journeys into our prism--the business side of green. MORE