Soda Bottles & Solar Power Lighting Up The Streets.

What an Idea!


The streets of San Luis, Bogota, Colombia are now a little safer thanks to low cost solar powered street lighting.

Costing just USD $70 to construct, the street lights use a 3 watt LED lamp, controller and battery pack powered by a couple of small solar panels. The protective casing used for the lamp is just a plastic soda bottle – pretty much unbreakable under most conditions.

14 locations in Colombia have already been illuminated with these solar street lights and there are plans to install another 2,000 across the country in this year.

Quartz reports the super-cheap solar streetlights are a project of Liter Of Light; an organization that rose to prominence with its promotion of Moser* lamps. A Moser lamp is a plastic bottle filled with water inserted into a roof to refract sunlight into the room below; with a with a brightness equivalent to a 55w electric bulb. MORE


Bloomberg, Coal’s Never Ending Pain, with Deep Pockets

Bloomberg Philanthropies will invest an additional USD $30 million to assist the Sierra Club in its goals to see half the USA’s coal fleet retired by 2017, with view to replacing it with clean energy capacity.

The latest contribution builds on a previous $50 million from Bloomberg Philanthropies, founded by Michael Bloomberg. Mr. Bloomberg is the founder of global data and media company, Bloomberg LP, and was also the 108th Mayor of New York City; holding office for three consecutive terms beginning with his first election in 2001.

Mr. Bloomberg has little sympathy for the coal sector.

“Many of coal’s defenders refer to these efforts as a “war on coal” — without mentioning the actual death toll. Coal is still killing 7,500 people annually,” said Mr. Bloomberg; referring to coal-attributed deaths in the USA. MORE


45th Anniversary and Still Growing!

Wow! Forty five years, it seems like yesterday for some of us that the first Earth Day celebration (or day of recognition) took place back in 1970. We always make reference to what a success Earth Day was in turning itself into a movement way back before social media existed. It just goes to show the effectiveness of the organizers, but more importantly, how the message resonated with so many as something as important as it is. Well, today, April 22, 2015, reinforces that the message is as strong as ever and is growing at a rapid pace.

Under EDN's leadership, Earth Day has grown from a single-day event to a year-round movement to promote sustainability. EDN also runs A Billion Acts of Green; the world's largest environmental service and advocacy program. Momentum is growing with a goal to reach 1.5 Billion Acts of Green on Earth Day, April 22, MORE

Corporate Wind And Solar PPA’s

‘The Next Big Thing’

Corporate wind and solar power purchase agreements (PPA’s) are growing in leaps and bounds according to Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), but not as fast as they could be. The issue is primarily one of awareness.

A solar PPA is a long term contract to purchase electricity generated by a solar panel system; either installed at a company’s premises or off-site. The same sort of arrangement applies to wind power. In some cases PPA’s require zero up-front capital outlay.

College To Save Millions With Solar Power

SunEdison, Inc. has signed an agreement with Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota in the USA to offset all college’s electricity use with solar energy.

Macalester College will be one of the first colleges to participate in SunEdison’s community solar gardens program, which enables participants to reap the benefits of solar electricity even when they are unable to install arrays at their own facilities.



"Earth Day 2015"

How do you get 1 billion to act in faith and spirit the same day every year for 40 years?  How do you harness that energy and devotion into daily action?  How do you inspire the world to build a cleaner, brighter future?

The Earth Day Network has done that since the 1970s.  Now led by Kathleen Rogers, our guest,  this ground-breaking group, with a long and illustrious history, helps the world plant a billion trees, inspires us into millions of acts of green, and quietly helps lead businesses and employees into an emerging green economy.   MORE