Animal Agriculture, The Climate's Worst Enemy?
Climate Change has been in the global headlines almost everywhere you turn, and with the recent UN Climate Change Report  released at the end of March it seems more and more attention is being paid to the issues.

For most of the general public when they think of the causes of Climate Change and the greenhouse gases that are attributing to it they think vehicle emissions.  Well they're not wrong, but what they might be surprised to know is that animal agriculture is actually creating more greenhouse gases than vehicles. According to a report by Humane Society of the United States , they highlight a fact from the  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), "The animal agriculture  sector-which includes the production of feed crops, the manufacturing of fertilizer, and the shipment of meat, eggs, and milk-is responsible for 18% of all GHG emissions, measured in carbon-dioxide equivalent."

James Cameron
During a recent interview with film producer/director James Cameron on "Ask Me Anything" Q&A session on the social networking site Reddit, the celebrated filmmaker, a producer on the new Showtime climate change series "Years of Living Dangerously," was asked what's the best thing an individual cando to fight climate change. Cameron likely surprised many by answering: "Stop eating animals."

Cameron said, "This may surprise you, because it surprised me when I found out, but the single biggest thing that an individual can do to combat climate change is to stop eating animals," he said. "Because of the huge, huge carbon footprint of animal agriculture. MORE



NEW YORK, USA (April, 2014) - Organizers of the FIA Formula E Championship have today announced a new partnership with leading carbon capture company Global Thermostat to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions generated by the series and to jointly promote sustainable technologies.

Beginning this September in Beijing, Formula E is the FIA's global motorsport championship featuring fully- electric open-wheel cars racing in 10 of the world's leading cities including Los Angeles, London and Buenos Aires. The debut of Formula E ushers in an innovative age where a race on the world stage will become the platform to showcase and promote sustainable technology for the environment. MORE


RENEW Energy Initiative Adds New Channel to ReNewable Now Network

Brian Keane and Peter Arpin
(L to R) Dennis McCarthy, REI Pres., Peter Arpin, RN, Paul Fourneir, REI Chairman

April 15, 2014, Providence RI:  Renewable Now and REI announced a strategic media partnership that will include a new media channel exclusively showcasing REI contnent offered through ReNewableNow.Biz. The content will consist of videos, radio shows, educational resources,  articles, and profiles of the professionals that make up the  RENEW Energy Initiative team.  The REI Channel will be accessible 24/7 on-line with both live and on-demand media.

ReNewableNow and REI share a common mission of educating the public on the business potential and the environmental benefits of using clean energy while investing in sustainable businesses. REI President, Dennis McCarthy and ReNewableNow's President, Peter Arpin were on hand to cement the media partnership.    

"The partnership between the two organizations continues to reinforce our interest in seeing the Green Economy grow," stated Peter Arpin. "We are both in the business of informing the public on the potential clean energy has in helping to create jobs.  Together we'll be able to amplify our efforts in presenting the business side of green while educating a new workforce and the public."

"Partnering with ReNewable Now will help us break into new markets while reinforcing our brand," said REI President Dennis McCarthy.  "We're excited about the launch of the REI Channel and look forward to helping businesses and the public grow, while saving money! The ReNewable Now Network is where to be if you're trying to make an impact when it comes to sustainability, and if you're looking to grow within the Green Economy. " MORE

Asian Solar Inverter Companies
Gaining Global Market Share

The inverter supplier top 10 is seeing a rapidly increasing Asian presence.
According to a new analysis from IHS Technology, the number of Asian companies in the top doubled last year, with four from China and Japan.
IHS says the Chinese and Japanese markets combined represented 35 percent of global PV inverter revenue in 2013; growing substantially from just 12 percent in 2011.
Global PV Inverter Supplier Rankings 2013
1. SMA
2. ABB (including Power-One)
3. Omron
5. Sungrow

Gold Plated Solar Panels
All that's gold does not glitter

All that's gold does not glitter, thanks to new work by UC Irvine scientists that could reduce glare from solar panels and electronic displays and dull dangerous glints on military weapons.

"We found that a very simple process and a tiny bit of gold can turn a transparent film black," said UC Irvine chemistry professor Robert Corn, whose group has created a patterned polymer material based on the findings, documented in recent papers. The postdoctoral associates and students were initially worried when they noticed what appeared to be soot on a flexible film they were designing to coat various products.

Via painstaking tests, though, the researchers realized that they'd accidentally discovered a way to fabricate a surface capable of eliminating glare, as reported in Nano Letters. They also learned that the material can keep grime in raindrops and other moisture from sticking, as reported in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.MORE


Description: MOSAIC, Crowd funding Investment for the Green Economy

Renewable Now is always fascinated with clean energy projects and investment, and financial opportunities . We especially became interested in unique ways to help fund these projects . We came upon one company that has a very unique approach to this called Mosaic . We invited Mosaic's communications director and spokes person Katie Ullman on Renewable Now to explain to us just how this program works . We learned that Mosaic got its start in 2011 in Canada, and it is very easy to start investing into projects.

The program has now become available in the United States with a goal to eventually become available globally . The minimum to invest is 25 dollars and there is a wide range of projects to invest into . Mosaic recently had won the Verizon award and now has a million dollars to begin developing an app that will enable people to make investments right from their smart phones . REC 3/28/14


Chile: An Emerging Solar PV Powerhouse

Chile installed 150MW of solar panels in the first quarter of this year and has a further 380MW of PV under construction. MORE