Anti-Wind Lobby Falls Flat In Court Cases

The U.S. Energy Policy Institute says anti-wind farm campaigners have failed miserably in their legal efforts due in part to poorly constructed opinions being used in the absence of real evidence.
The Institute studied the outcome of 49 legal challenges the around the world relating to wind farms and health effects and found only one case where wind turbines exceeded standard industry noise levels.
Authored by wind policy expert Mike Barnard, the report derides the "inexpert expertise" and misinformation utilised by anti-wind activists and identifies 16 individuals who claim to be wind energy experts, but who actually "have overstated the relevance of their credentials, as well as the depth and breadth of their expertise. These individuals lacked expertise and substantial evidence as detailed by courts around the world."
"Additionally, these non-experts often introduce hundreds of pages of what they term evidence, but the vast majority of the documents are poorly constructed opinion pieces by other non-experts," Barnard said. MORE


Caesars Betting On The Future Of Green Transportation

Caesars Entertainment plans to widely expand vehicle station network across the country, encouraging a future of green transportation
across the country, encouraging a future of green transportation.

Relax and recharge has a new meaning for visitors at Caesars Entertainment Corporation (NASDAQ: CZR) resorts. While guests enjoy their stay, they can now conveniently plug in and charge their electric vehicles thanks to new EV charging stations at 13 Caesars' resorts and casinos.

In partnership with NV Energy, nearly all of Caesars' Northern and Southern Nevada resorts and casinos now have operational EV charging stations on site, in addition to Harrah's Resort Southern California. A total of 48 charging ports have been installed in guest parking lots as well as valet areas, and are available for guests to use at no cost. MORE


Boeing Turning Tobacco Into Aviation Biofuel

South African Airways (SAA) and SkyNRG announced in August that they are collaborating to make sustainable aviation biofuel from a new type of tobacco plant. This initiative broadens cooperation between Boeing and SAA to develop renewable jet fuel in ways that support South Africa's goals for public health as well as economic and rural development.

"It's an honor for Boeing to work with South African Airways on a pioneering project to make sustainable jet fuel from an energy-rich tobacco plant," said J. Miguel Santos, managing director for Africa, Boeing International. "South Africa is leading efforts to commercialize a valuable new source of biofuel that can further reduce aviation's environmental footprint and advance the region's economy."

Sustainable Pizza Box Business

Launched in Boston

America’s love for pizza knows no bounds. 93 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. Out of total five billion pizzas consumed worldwide each year, the US alone consumes three billion. Across the US, around 70,000 pizzerias are in operation, and the average pizzeria uses 55 pizza boxes per day. That translates to about 1.4 billion pizza boxes used in the country each year.

GreenBox, the multi-functional, environment-friendly pizza box by Ecovention, LLC, offers a revolutionary eco-conscious pizza packaging solution. Green Box breaks into plates and a storage unit for leftovers, and is made of 100 percent recyclable material. It has been dubbed the pizza box of the 21st century” by Fox News.

Air Toxins decreasing across US Cities

More and more people are living in our cities. They are great places to live, exciting, good jobs, great night life, but also sometimes congestion and unhealthy air quality. The latter problems are improving, however. Efforts to make cities livable without driving are paying off. Bike lanes, bike sharing, and efforts to reduce auto traffic and congestion are helping to improve the air quality in our cities.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week released its Second Integrated Urban Air Toxics Report to Congress - the final of two reports required under the Clean Air Act (CAA) to inform Congress of progress in reducing public health risks from urban air toxics.
"This report gives everyone fighting for clean air a lot to be proud of because for more than 40 years we have been protecting Americans — preventing illness and improving our quality of life by cutting air pollution - all while the economy has more than tripled," said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.


Description:  "The New Flow of Green Money

We love reporting to you on the business side of green.  There's no better show or guest than this one--Richard Bookbinder from Terra Verde Capital Partners--giving us an amazing insight into the financial markets and their lightning shift into sustainable investing.

Mr. Bookbinder has a long history in shifting millions of dollars into building a cleaner, brighter future.  The companies he has headed, including Terra Verde Capitol, have funded huge projects of building clean energy plants, new technology improvements in reducing the use of  energy and the creation of waste, and the paramount global quest for clean water.

The global economy is clearly being reshaped, we think in a very good way, by financial leaders like Richard.  Everyone can help such leaders make quality investments in sustainability by investing in their funds.

Do you want to make a difference in the world?  Listen to this segment and reshape your own managed portfolio.  MORE