NFL Pro Embraces Vegan Lifestyle for

Top Health and Fitness

Griff Whalen, the wide receiver for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, is the latest athlete to adopt a vegan diet for optimal health and fitness results.

The 24-year-old, who is the Colts’ go-to guy for punts and kicks, weighs 190-lbs and apparently has one of the most enviable bodies on his team. Not surprisingly, Whalen adheres to a plant-based diet.

Whalen switched up meat proteins for a vegan diet in the spring after girlfriend Katy Osadetz got him started.

“I feel a lot lighter, faster, quicker on the field,” says Whalen. “There isn’t that heavy feeling, that groggy feeling after I eat.”

To prove his point — and his new culinary skills —  Whalen whips up a veggie meal in front of The Indy Star. He adds sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, zucchini, squash, black beans and garbanzo beans to a frying pan along with cayenne pepper, oregano and garlic.

Whalen says he didn’t switch up his diet solely for the deliciousness of it, but also for its health benefits.

“It’s been proven,” he says. And it has, multiple times. Even this week, a recent USC study proved that weight loss is best attained via a vegan diet. MORE



Yoga Boosts Brainpower, Kills Stress and Increases Happiness

It turns out that the benefits of practicing yoga may reach much farther than physical fitness, weight loss and increased flexibility. In fact, new research is suggesting that those who do yoga regularly are reaping important benefits for their brains as well.

Less Stress = Greater Happiness

For many people, practicing yoga provides a welcomed chance to step away from their busy, hectic lives and gain some necessary quiet and deepened perspective.   MORE


Sustainability Professionals

Converge at ISSP 2014

It was a "who's who of sustainability" last week at the ISSP (International Society of Sustainability Professionals) Conference 2014 in Denver, Colorado, where leaders in sustainability came together to network, educate, discuss, and honor leaders within the profession. The agenda included the important task of shaping the future of sustainability. ReNewable Now was also on hand, gathering exclusive video coverage and interviews. These will be released in a series over the next few weeks.

This conference was something special, and yes, you could feel it in the air. When you think of the timing, it couldn't have been any better with opening day occurring on the same day as the historic climate change deal between the U.S. and China. Some may have said that this was only a coincidence, but for ReNewable Now there are no coincidences; this is a reflection of the growing importance ofHunter Lovins and Peter Arpin all around sustainability on every level. During the conference, we did hear from a number of speakers about the need to be dealing with climate change and how this is a matter of urgency. This couldn't have been better articulated or emphasized by none other than Hunter Lovins during the “Sustainability Hall Of Fame Wisdom Panel”. Hunter, in her own classic Hunter way, got the attention of the audience when she shouted, "Get prepared for a !#@% STORM (you can fill in the blank) if we conduct business as usual, we are looking at a collapse of all living systems!" If that doesn't get your attention, we don't know what will. The entire video of the “Sustainability Hall Of Fame Wisdom Panel” will be released by ISSP for your viewing in upcoming weeks.  MORE

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Wants a $42 per Ton Tax on Carbon Emitters

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said on Wednesday, November 19th. That he will propose a bill to impose a $42 per ton tax on all carbon dioxide emissions to punish polluters.

The fee comes from the Obama’s administration's “social cost of carbon,” the price it puts on carbon pollution when calculating the benefits of climate change regulations. MORE

Poland Rejects UN’s Zero Carbon Emission Proposal

Poland is leading the bandwagon for a number of eastern European countries to shut down a United Nations target to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2100.

On Sunday, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released yet another report on how critical the situation of climate change is, but plans to fix the problem were curbed days before.  MORE



Massachusetts's Clean Energy Revolution

Where else but New England, specifically, Massachusetts, for the next great revolution?  Today we welcome Energy and Environmental Affairs Undersecretary, Mark Sylvia, for this great, innovative State and learn more about how they are investing, through over 123 lucky cities and towns, millions of dollars as they build, for all communities, a sustainable future.

Along with our Boston-based co-host, Jack Gregg, we get behind the scenes of one state's fantastic track record of modeling the highest standards for energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean tech.  Of course, their success is a much financial as environmental.  Listen as Mark gives us the data on their incredible job creation, air-pollution reductions, expansion of mass transient and the seeds they have sown, cleanly, for future growth. MORE