Schools in The Big Apple Going Solar in A Big Way

New York City and State government is supporting the installation of solar power systems at two dozen schools in the City with a total of USD $28 million in funding.

 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says the initiative is part of the administration's new green buildings plan that will triple the amount of solar capacity currently planned on City-owned buildings, and contribute significantly to the City's goal of slashing greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent below 2005 levels by the year 2050.

Totaling 6.25 MW capacity, the 24 solar panel system installations installed at various schools will avoid more than 2,800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Additionally, the installations will a learning tool integrated into an environmental curriculum plan. Online monitoring will enable students to track system performance and undertake related analyses. MORE


An Australian City May Have Created Perfect Model

As cities and towns around the world wrestle with the ever increasing cost of energy, climate change, and stagnant job growth, one city in Australia may have found an economic stimulator that's good for everyone.

In a first for Australia, a council has voted to make on-site clean power generation on all new homes and some commercial buildings compulsory.

 The City of Nedlands in Perth has led the way in turning more of the vast ocean of under-utilised rooftops in Australia's towns and cities into power generators.

 In the minutes of a council meeting held on 23 September 2014, it states:

 "All new development and at Council's discretion, substantial additions to existing development shall provide on - site power generation by solar, wind or other means, approved by Council as follows:


i. For each residential dwelling - a minimum capacity of 1.5kW; and  MORE


Los Angeles Sustainability, and ReNewable Now

The Sustainability Business Council of Los Angeles has invited ReNewable Now to participate in their upcoming series, "Sustainable Success Stories." This very special series is in cooperation with UCLA Sustainability, and is taking place on the UCLA campus on Wednesday, October 15th.

What makes this event so special is that it's bringing together some extraordinary leaders in sustainability. From education to the business world, this diverse panel will inspire everyone. From one of the world's best known brands when it comes to eco-friendly products, Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks CEO, Earth Friendly Products.  From the corporate world, Sustainability Director, Randy Britt of PARSONS, a $3 billion company that makes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability a major component to their success.  Representing the world of education is UCLA's Chief Sustainability Officer,  Nurit Katz, who gives us some unique insight to how the university is making the grade when it comes to sustainability. And moderating this prestigious panel is none other than ReNewable Now's very own Peter Arpin, who will bring all these stories together and showcase how this panel's experience can benefit all of us.  MORE

The Death of Plastic Bags in California

Last month, ReNewable Now interviewed Proco Joe Moreno, Alderman of Chicagoís 1st Ward, who was instrumental in getting the city of Chicago to pass an ordinance to ban plastic bags. The efforts to ban plastic bags are growing stronger week-by-week as we see the death of plastic bags now becoming law for the entire state of California.

It's official: California is now the first state in the country to institute a statewide plastic bag ban! Though it took years for state legislators to pass this bill plus an additional month that felt like an eternity for the governor to sign the bill into law, environmentalists can finally rejoice in the knowledge that grocery store plastic bags will soon be a thing of the past. MORE

Growing Sustainable Agriculture in South Dakota

The Dakota Lakes Research Farm in Pierre, South Dakota is dedicated to researching ways to strengthen the agriculture economy. The sustainable agriculture operation is a nonprofit and is operated by South Dakota State University.

Area farmers who care deeply about the stateís landís well-being founded the nonprofit over 30 years ago. Dr. Dwayne Beck is the Research Farmís manager.  MORE



"Reinventing The Grid With Passion""

What a great feeling to showcase a power provider and grid that is, unlike others who have fought a transition from fossil fuel to renewables, a true pioneer with an amazing story of innovation.

Mary Powell is not just the President and CEO of Green Mountain Power, but clearly their chief designer, visionary, cheerleader and champion of building a company unlike any other in VT or New England.  Seth Handy, our co-host, and I marvel as we find out more about Mary's and GMP's ambitious plans for building a low cost, low carbon power producer and a company looking to partner with other great entities, as they did this year with NRG Energy.

As you will see, this is not just a grid in a state of change, but a true cultural transformation of our smallest state MORE