Satellite Shows New York’s Untapped Solar Power Potential

Pictures don't lie, this could be the new "Gold Rush." Or should we say, "Green Rush?"
The launch of a new solar mapping website from Boston start-up, Mapdwell, shows New York City has the potential to host over 11 GW of solar panel capacity in 'high-yield' rooftop projects.
The solar map provides a bird's-eye view all five boroughs of the city, enabling homeowners and businesses to assess how much electricity can be produced on their rooftops, the financial payoff of going solar and how much their carbon footprint can be reduced. MORE


Vietnam’s First Solar Farm

Work has commenced on a 19.2-megawatt solar plant in the central province of Quang Ngai in Vietnam.

The country’s first solar power station, the facility is expected to start generating electricity in July next year.

The solar plant, which will cost around US$36.12 million to build, will export approximately 28,000,000 kWh of clean electricity to the country’s mains grid annually. The plant will use solar panels imported from Thailand.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Saturday – attending the event were Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai and many other government officials.

The project is led by Tianjin Co.; which also plans to develop a further 1,000 MW solar power capacity in the country.

The Encyclopedia of Earth states nearly a quarter of Vietnam’s domestic energy consumption comes from oil, with hydropower (10 percent), coal (20 percent), and natural gas (11 percent) making up the remainder.

Solar uptake in Vietnam has been reasonably slow to date and as in other countries where a significant chunk of the population lives in areas without access to reliable electricity, much of it has been in the form of small off-grid solar power system installs. Energypedia states by the end of 2014, there were approximately 15,000 small scale PV off-grid applications with a total capacity of 3,600 kWp throughout the country. MORE


Obama Reprimands Detractors of Renewable Energy

In a speech delivered earlier today at the National Clean Energy Summit, US President Barack Obama issued a very clear reprimand to those who stand in the way of the renewable energy revolution.

During the speech, the President highlighted his Administration’s track record on renewables, mentioned individual states’ efforts, plus some solar power technology and business model developments.

He also spoke about his recently-unveiled Clean Power Plan, which will result in 30% more renewable energy generation in 2030 and cheaper power bills.

With regard to residential solar, the President mentioned the number of US households with rooftop solar panels has grown from fewer than 20,000 to about 600,000 over the past decade, with more than 80 percent of that capacity added in the past four years. The US DoE Annual Energy Outlook 2014 projects 900,000 to 3.8 million homes in the US will have solar by 2020. MORE

SolarWindow Technologies

May Change How We Build Forever


SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. is getting closer to bringing the company’s proprietary electricity-generating windows to market – and is making some pretty big claims as to the impact it might have.

The technology behind SolarWindow involves applying ultra-thin layers of liquid coatings on to glass and flexible plastics that turn these surfaces into solar cells. The coatings are primarily made of hydrogen and carbon and a color wheel of tints has been achieved. MORE

$1 Billion In Clean Power Loan Guarantees


The U.S. Department of Energy has announced over one billion dollars (USD) in loan guarantees to fund the expansion of distributed clean energy systems in America, including $24 million for 11 specialised projects aimed at creating a new class of concentrated solar panel.

The funding will come from the DoE’s Loans Programs Office (LPO) as part of President Barack Obama’s new Clean Power Plan, which mandates U.S. States cut carbon pollution from the power sector by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. MORE


Description: A Whole New Meals on Wheels

Wow, the food industry, as we've seen on past shows and on our daily blog, is changing at lightening speed.  In its blazing return to past practices, food is getting local, grown with little water and pesticides, adding nutrients back to the plants and soils and growing in places never seen before.

  • Here's a perfect example of the new world of agriculture.  Meet Brad McNamara, Co-Founder and CEO of Freight Farms in Boston.  Brad, as you will soon find out, is very bright, creative, and dedicated to feeding the world while unburdening our lands.

    Freight Farms recycles overseas containers into farms. MORE