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It's ReNewable Now's pleasure to be bringing you ongoing reporting of the Formula E season with our new channel "Track Side with Formula E." Here we'll provide you with coverage and commentary from every Formual E race the way we see it and in a way we hope we get you excited to support the sport. Over the next few months this channel will evolve and continue to provide you with reports as we lead towards the final race of the season.
Reporting for ReNewable Now for the inaugural, and history making Grand Prix of Formula E is our very own Michael Pereira. Michael is managing ReNewable Now Asia, with offices in Beijing's Dongcheng District.

 Could I feel the electricity in the air? Well I guess you could say I could not only feel it, I could see it, literally, the electricity was on four wheels speeding around downtown Beijing's iconic Olympic 'Bird's Nest' Stadium at speeds in excess of 150 MPH. The buildup for this historical event in Beijing was unprecedented, it reminded me of the when the city hosted the Olympics. You had racing teams, fans, and journalist from all over the world coming to the city and spending anywhere from one to three weeks here giving Beijing that international feel that I remembered from the Olympics.

From a local perspective having lived in Beijing for over a decade and being familiar with the city and the people that live here, I got a great sense of pride and leadership. Beijing made a global statement on Sunday telling the world that Beijing, and all of China, stand behind electric cars, and  that they are aggressively pushing towards electric powered vehicles. So if we read between the lines here and if you do a bit of research you will see Chinese manufacturers are already positioning themselves to own the electric car market. They see this not only as a  MORE


Making Lawns More

Environmentally Friendly

The mere whiff of a dreamy perfume can help conjure new feelings or stir a longing for the past. But the creation of these alluring scents, from the high-end to the commonplace, can also incur an environmental toll. That could change as scientists, reporting in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, examine a more sustainable way to produce a key perfume ingredient and supply it to fragrance makers around the world.  MORE


History, and More, Being Made

with Formula E in Beijing, China

Over 40 Million TV Viewers World Wide!
History was made this weekend as the world's first ever fully-electric single-seater race took place in Beijing, marking the successful season opener of the FIA Formula E Championship. And ReNewable Now was part of this historical event as our team was there live with our very own Michael Pieirra, who provided commentary from track-side, and got to speak with Formula E, CEO Alejandro Agag.


But before you read Michael's article, we want you to know why we here at ReNewable Now are so excited and focused on Formula E, and why Formula E is extremely important for all of us. If you're familiar with the the sport of racing, you probably already know that the sport, as a whole, dwarfs all others sports, including World Cup Soccer. At the top of this hi-octane food chain is FORMULA 1, the most prestigious and most technologically advanced racing in the world. For any singular Grand Prix race within the season, the economic impact is in the billions when you look at each team, manufacturers, sponsors, venues, tourism, etc. This translates in creating jobs and careers, and more importantly new technology that eventually makes its way into the cars consumers drive everyday on normal roads. If Formula 1's new cousin, Formula E grows, we will see experiential growth in consumer electric cars, as major auto manufacturers such as Renault, BMW, Mercedes will be investing  major R & D dollars behind these electric Formula E cars in efforts to win.  MORE

Brazilian, Lucas Di Grassi Makes History By Wining 1st Formula E  Grand Prix

The race, Beijing Evergrande Spring ePrix, was held on a spectacular temporary race track built around the cityís iconic Olympic ĎBirdís Nestí Stadium and was won by Audi Sport ABTís Lucas di Grassi.

Some 40 million are believed to have watched the race worldwide on television with 75,000 attending on site and one billion social interactions recorded around the race.

Brazilian Di Grassi stole victory after race-leader Nicolas Prost (e.dams-Renault) and Venturiís

India's Roadmap To Solar Superpower

Earth's protective ozone layer is well on track to recovery in the next few decades thanks to concerted international action against ozone depleting substances, according to a new assessment by 300 scientists.

The Assessment for Decision-Makers, a summary document of the Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion 2014, is being published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and is the first comprehensive update in four years.



"Apple's Investment in Renewable Energy,

Is It Justified?"

We love, as we know you do, democracy.  We love the right to disagree.  That is why we welcomed Justin Danhof and the National Center for Public Policy Research to this very different segment.

Justin and his group garnered significant attention, including ours on a front page story and blog, when he challenged Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, on the merits of their extraordinary investments in clean energy.  Justin and his group demanded the data to support and demonstrate a reasonable ROI for shareholders.  Nothing wrong with that, in our view.

How did Mr. Cook handle the exchange?  Has he provided the data?  What other companies feel the sting and scrutiny of Mr. Danhof and his conservative group?

Listen as our skilled co-host, Jack Greg, and I get deep into the role of CEO in guiding a company towards sustainability and whether that CEO can show shareholders the merits of that conviction